Types of Termite Treatment

Types of Termite Treatment

Should we find evidence of termite infestation, we will instruct you on the seriousness of the findings.  Our recommendation is to have a periodic yearly review to ensure that you are not missing a fundamental prevention technique.

What options are there for termite treatment

As we see it, the clear choice when purchasing a home is a full tent fumigation especially if the home has not had a full tenting in the last 10 years!

Types of Termite Treatment

Termites can cause severe damage to homes and may also compromise the structure and integrity of your house. If termites are found or suspected, contact a professional pest management company immediately. A professional pest control firm will inspect the situation and recommend and apply the correct termite treatment. There are three main ways to deal with termites.

Wood Treatment for Termites

Wood Treatment: Pest Control professionals can use different wood treatments to kill existing termite colonies, and prevent new ones from growing up. Surface sprays, foams and injected sprays are all available for wood treatment. Borate wood treatments are used to control termite infestations in homes. Wood treatments can include surface application during home construction and wood injections or foams after the home is constructed.

Bait Systems for Termites

Bait systems: Termite treatment systems that use bait termites are an effective way to eliminate termites colonies. Pest control professionals will set up bait stations around the perimeter to ensure that the home is protected against future or current infestations. This termite treatment effectively gets rid of termites.

Soil Treatment for Termites

Soil Treatment: Subterranean termites can live in the soil. Therefore termite treatments may be used to treat the soil. First, a trench must be dug around foundation. Then, the soil must be treated with a termiticide. The trench can then be refilled. This treatment is effective in preventing future termite infestations.

These are just a few of the many ways to protect your home and prevent future damage. Gentry & Associates offers a free assessment to assess your home and provide information about the various termite treatments available.

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