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Localized Termite Treatment

Localized treatments, also known as “spot” treatment, are ideal for eliminating termites in isolated areas. Our termite inspector will inspect your property and recommend the proper treatment.

Localized Termite Treatment

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Localized Termite Spot Treatment

Localized termite treatments, commonly referred to as “spot treatments,” offer a targeted solution to tackle termite infestations in specific areas. These treatments are especially beneficial when termites are concentrated in isolated regions of a property. A professional termite inspector from Gentry & Associates will thoroughly assess your property to determine the most suitable treatment method. If your property hasn’t undergone tent fumigation in the past decade, a complete tent fumigation is typically recommended as the primary treatment. However, there are instances where only a localized treatment is needed, often resulting from consistent and thorough termite inspections over the years.

There’s a plethora of options available for localized termite spot treatments, including transferable termiticides, residual termiticides, foam penetrants, and heat treatments. Depending on the specific termite issue, such as subterranean termite control, more intensive methods like drilling, treating, or trench application might be necessary. It’s essential to understand the two main types of termiticides: Repellent and Non-repellent. While repellent termiticides create a barrier to deter termites, non-repellent termiticides act more subtly, affecting termites at the organism level and spreading to other colonies. This ensures a comprehensive elimination of termites, safeguarding your property for the long term.

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About Localized Treatments

Localized treatments, also known as “spot” treatment, are ideal for eliminating termites in isolated areas. Our termite inspector will inspect your property and recommend the proper treatment. 

Last Fumigation over ten years?

We recommend that the primary treatment is complete tent fumigation if the house hasn’t been tent fumigated in the last ten years. Here at Gentry & Associates, we want to ensure that your home is free of termites and under control. Afterwhich, a yearly program is in place. We will complete a thorough termite inspection and show in the report our findings. Periodically, we find a home that only needs local treatment even after ten years. Typically due to proper termite inspections.

Other Treatment Options for Termites

There are many options for localized termite spot treatments. Some include the following:

  • Transferable termiticides
  • Residual termiticides
  • Foam penetrant
  • Heat treatments

For some situations, such subterranean termites control, drilling, treating, or trench application of repellent termiticide barrier rods and trowels may be the only option for ongoing termite control management.

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Types of Termiticides: 

Repellent and Nonrepellent.

These two types of termiticides can be used depending on the circumstances at your home. Repellent termiticides act as a barrier to keep termites out of the structure. They rely on termite activity for elimination.  

As was stated, other secondary treatments for Drywood termites are Non-repellent, transferable termiticides. The termiticide acts on the termite’s organism spreading to other termite colonies. Borate treatments and foams penetrate wood members and leave residual termiticides that kill termites. Gentry and Associates can also help you with tent-less termite control. Our termite inspectors will be happy to discuss secondary treatments for your structure. 

Non-Repellent Local Treatments

Non-repellent termiticides can stop termite eating within hours. The treatment is administered to termites who are first to be exposed. They then inhale the substance and take it with them to their colony to cause damage to other termites. Exposure termites can walk, groom, and aggregate in groups even after eating, allowing treatment to spread among the colony members. Non-repellent termiticides kill termites three months or less and provide residual structural protection.

Termite Inspection

Spray For Termites

Did you find small termite droppings in your attic or closet? If you did, it’s essential to find a termite inspector who has experience! Not all inspectors are the same!  Here at Gentry & Associates, we’ve been exterminating termites for over 30 years and found termites in the strangest places.  Termite infestation treatment is easy with an abundent of options.  (Learn more)

Tent Fumigation

Tent Fumigation

When you find not only droplets throughout the house but also termites with wings, it’s essential to have a full inpection for house termites.  From your attic to your basement, it’s vitally important to protect your home with a proper termite treatment.

Wood Repair

Wood Rot and Repair

Are you seeing wood rot?  It’s essential to remedy it as soon as possible.  Here at Gentry & Associates, termite control, our team are experts in wood remediation.  Learn more about termite and vs. wood rot.

  • Termite treatment for wood

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