Is Tent Fumigation Hazardous

What You Should Know about Tent Fumigation and Health risks

To kill 100% of termites requires a fumigation tent. The question is, “Is there a health risk to fumigation tenting”?
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Is termite tenting dangerous?

It is safe to tent termites if you follow the instructions given by your pest control professional.

What is fumigation, and what does it do? Is it safe?

The termite gas is also known as sulfuryl fluoride. Due to its adverse effects on the ozone, the US banned methyl bromide as a fumigating gas.

The most dangerous part of fumigation is the sulfur gas. This toxic substance has been known to cause serious health problems in pets, humans, and plants.

The tent must be sturdy enough to kill termites and all other pests in your home.  Note: Will not kill cockroach eggs.

At the moment, there are three brands for sulfuryl fluoride.

Vikane (by AgroSciences).

Zythor, by Ensytex II.

ProFume (by AgroSciences).

The gas can penetrate any porous wood structure and walls.

Termites living under its influence are dying within a few days.

Don’t be alarmed that termites may still be present in your house after tenting. They will die soon.

Termite tenting is a dangerous business. High concentrations of the gas can pose a danger to humans and animals and even cause death.

Bottom line: Don’t try to get in once the tent has been put up and sealed. You and your neighbors are safe, as long as the tent has been sealed properly.

After the tent has been removed, the gas is aerated while the tent in on, disappearing completely, with no residual. You don’t have to wash or clean anything once you return from fumigation. Nowadays, with baffles, the fumigation team aerates and cuts the time down to a few hours.

It doesn’t also damage electronic devices, so you can keep your electronics in the house while tented.

The only problem with no residual is that fumigation alone does not protect the household against future infestations. This is where Gentry & Associates comes in and offers a yearly control service after the warranty expires.  We offer warranty wherein we do yearly inspections and localized treatments.

What is the best way to know when gas has gone out of your home?

The fumigant’s odorless and invisibility makes it easy to track and measure with special equipment.

  • Fumiscope.
  • Leak detectors.
  • Clearance device.

The tent fumigation specialist will use a fumiscope to control the gas concentration throughout the treatment.

The termite inspector operator will need a device to detect concentrations as low as 1 part in a million. We measure to identify the safe time for owners to return home. 

So, the answer to your question, “Is termite fumigation safe?” will be “Yes,” but you should comply with the termite fumigation safety steps.

Termite Inspection and treatment

Keeping up-to-date on your yearly home inspection and treatment mitigates such damage.  It is said that not completing yearly local treatments creates multiple infestations all at once!  With Gentry & Associates, our custom inspection programs is designed for your type of home!

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