Types of Termite Treatment

Orange Oil

Termite Treatment

Orange oil treatments are one of the most popular treatments on the market. Orange oil is an orange rind extract and is often used in cleaning products or food additives. D-limonene is the active ingredient of orange oil treatment. This kills termites upon contact by destroying their eggs and breaking down their exoskeleton.

Why Use Orange Oil Treatment

Orange oil treatments are one of the most commonly used organic termite management methods.

When is Orange oil an Advantage

Let’s examine the pros and disadvantages of orange oil termite treatments.


  • Low toxicity and better for the environment than other termite management options
  • Protective against drywood termites and carpenter bugs as well as woodboring beetles
  • You don’t have to go out at night while you are receiving treatment
  • It is not necessary to take plants out of the house or board pets for treatment.
  • You don’t need to bag your food and medicines for treatment.
  • Roof tiles will not sustain any potential damage by being treated


  • Not effective against subterranean termites
  • However, oil or fumes are not toxic and should not be inhaled. Long-term exposure to oil and fumes can cause skin irritation and nausea, vomiting, irritation of the lungs, and other symptoms.
  • Once the product is embedded in wood, it will ignite and become flammable.
  • It only kills termites upon contact.
  • The treatment requires drilling holes in your walls or other wood components of the home.
  • You will need to do multiple treatments as the whole colony may not be eradicated in one treatment.
  • Treatment for larger infestations may be more expensive than fumigation.
  • Treatment is only for existing infestations. There is no protection against future ones

Orange Oil Treatment

Orange oil treatments only work against drywood termites. These pests live in the wood and colonize it. Subterranean termites will not be treated with orange oil because they live in soil and are only able to consume wood. A termite inspection will determine the type of termite as well as the extent of infestation. After the technician has identified the termite activity areas, he will drill a hole in the wood and treat them. Orange oil is then injected through these holes. This spreads through wood beams and porous cells, causing it to be infected. All termites and eggs are killed upon contact. The oil treatment does not affect termites who aren’t in direct contact. The treated holes are then patched, and then painted.

Orange oil can kill termites

Orange oil can kill termites but is not very effective. Orange oil can only be used in areas where there are active infestations. Termites that go untreated or are not treated will continue eating your home, causing further damage. Multiple treatments may be required. These treatments do not eliminate all termites, but they can make your home more vulnerable. Fumigation (whole structure treatment) is a guarantee method to completely eradicate termites from any structure. Fumigation is a method that treats all of the house at once. Fumigant gas can be used to penetrate the wood, walls, and floors where termites are found. A professional pest control agency can help you identify the type of termite in your home, as well the extent and best treatment options.

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