Laguna Niguel Wood Rot Inspection Cost and Repair

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For you Laguna Niguel home, when wood is exposed to the elements such as rain, moisture, condensation, and termite infestations, and when you have the right amount of water and temperature, wood will start to rot and attract fungus spores.  This is commonly found in eve areas where you have wood exposed from roof leaks or improper construction and sometimes commonly found in wood siding areas that are shaded most of the time.

In order to find these areas, they need to be inspected by a professional branch 3 representative that has been trained to identify these types of conditions.  Once the conditions have been identified, a report will be made with findings and recommendations to treat and correct said identified conditions.

In order to maintain property from future wood rot/ fungus damage, property should be inspected yearly be a professional /licensed inspector.

Here at Gentry Termite, we specialize in identifying wood destroying organisms and pests.

Wood Rot (Before)

Wood Rot found rafter beam

Wood Rot (After)

wood rot after repair