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Termite Inspection for Mobile Homes

Do you live in one of the manufactured mobile home parks in Orange County?  If you do, you have come to the right termite inspection team.  We have years of experience climbing underneath the home and our knowledge is unsurpassed.

Orange County Mobile Home Termite ExterMinators

Areas: San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Lake Forest, Laguna Beach

When it comes to manufactured / mobile home parks, our expert termite inspector, Brett Gentry, will come out and complete an inspection.  He has worked over 20 years on mobile home parks throughout the Orange County area.

Please note: 90% of time, wood destroying pest and organisms are located in the sub areas of mobile homes.

It’s imperative that the sub areas always be inspected on manufactured homes.

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How to Get Rid of Termites in a Mobile Home

To get rid of termites, first you need to know what type you have.   You may or may not know but there are various types of termites.  In terms of your mobile home, there are subterranean termites that live in the ground and infest your home from the bottom up.   Therefore, how do you get rid of termites in your mobile home?  A team like ours at Gentry Termite have worked on thousands of mobile homes throughout our tenure.  We know the ins-and-outs of mobile homes, and where these pesky critters hide.

Termites in Mobile Homes

Mobile homes like any other home are prone to termites. In fact, because mobile homes are on raised foundations, a thourough investigation beneath your home is essential.

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Termite Inspection

Spray For Termites

Did you find small termite droppings in your attic or closet? If you did, it’s essential to find a termite inspector who has experience! Not all inspectors are the same!  Here at Gentry & Associates, we’ve been exterminating termites for over 30 years and found termites in the strangest places.  Termite infestation treatment is easy with an abundent of options.  (Learn more)

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Tent Fumigation

Tent Fumigation

When you find not only droplets throughout the house but also termites with wings, it’s essential to have a full inpection for house termites.  From your attic to your basement, it’s vitally important to protect your home with a proper termite treatment.

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Wood Repair

Wood Rot and Repair

Are you seeing wood rot?  It’s essential to remedy it as soon as possible.  Here at Gentry & Associates, termite control, our team are experts in wood remediation.  Learn more about termite and vs. wood rot.

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