How to Kill Termites

There are many ways on how to kill termites. Learn what is best!

So you are looking on “how to kill termites?” Well, we have created a nice list of methods to kill those


Fumigate if you find these pests!

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How to Kill Termites (fast)

So, you are probably wondering, how do I kill these pests fast, quickly and for good in your home/house?  Well, below we cover many different aspects from DIY home natural remedies, to the traditional methods like contacting your nearest termite inspector.  If you see visible termites, then bear in mind that it may actually be too late for DIY and that DIY can actually compound the issue as the termites can spread!  So please read on.

How to Kill Termites Yourself

  1. DIY (Do it Yourself)
    1. how to kill termites without an exterminator:  There are a few methods you can use such as termite bait, using salts.
    2. How to kill termites Home remedy
  1. How to Kill Termites Naturally
    1. Methods to kill them without chemicals
  2. How to Kill Termites:
    1. in Soil
    2. in the Yard
    3. in the walls
    4. that are visible
    5. without tenting
    6. in the ceiling
    7. Effectively
  1. How to Kill Drywood Termites
  2. How to Kill Flying Termites
  3. How much does it cost to Kill Termites
  4. how long to kill termites after treatment
  5. How to kill termites on contact

How to kill and prevent termites

If you are looking to prevent termites, make sure you don’t have any wood piles stacked against or near your home.  Make sure you have your home periodically painted to ensure there are no cracks or breaks in the wood frame.

How to kill the Termite Queen

If you find the queen, you are in great luck because she is responsible for the reproduction of over 30,000 eggs per day!  By the way, there can be more than 1 queen termite in your home.  These pests live in colonies, so you may have several colonies living in your home depending on how you let the situation get out of hand. Now, if you find one, just consider it can be older than you!  These queens, if taken care of properly have been know to live up to 50 years old.  Simply kill the pest and you may have literally eradicated the colony.  Remember, simply killing the workers and never finding the queen is considered a job half done.  (Sometimes, tenting is the only way… unfortunately there is a cost)

how to kill termites with tent fumigationHow to Kill Swarming Termites

Have you ever looked out the window and saw a big swarm of termites?  This typically happens during swarming season.  When this occurs, make sure you have you yearly inspection from your local Gentry Termite professional.

We will be filling out each section to teach on how to kill termites.