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Tent Fumigation Checklist

Tent fumigation is by far the highest of protection in terms of termite treatment.  It is essential, however, to follow a few important steps.  Below is a list, as well as a printout to help aid you to best practices.

Home Tent Fumigation

There are times when ONLY a full tenting is applicable especially during purchasing a home.  Our motto:  When buying a home, ensure a ground zero treatment. Meaning a 100% extermination!

Then apply a yearly prevention program!


Note: If a property is on a zero lot line, the neighbor must sign fume notices.
Note: If rental property, Owner and Renter must sign fume notices.
Note: Bedding, dishes, countertops, computers, etc., no residual is left behind after reentry certification.

Make Your Home Termite Free

Termite treatment at its finest.  Gentry & Associates strives to the best termite inspectors in Orange County and surrounding cities.  Protect your most important asset.

  • Make Your Home Termite Free
  • Have Peace of Mind
  • Integrity and Quality Comes First!

Don’t let these critters eat your home!

For Gentry & Associates, Integrity is second to none. Why do Realtors simply love the work and dedication from Gentry & Associates? Being thorough, right priced and with high Integrity is why!

    Bag Up:

    Bag up all perishable foods. medicines, vitamins, anything taken orally.

    Seal Containers:

    Can foods and sealed glass containers that the manufactures seal has not been broken are ok.


    Bag up perishable foods in refrigerator and freezer.

    Indoor Plants:

    Remove indoor plants and animals. Fish included.


    No vehicles can be left in the garage.  Can be parked in the driveway, but must allow access around the permitter of the property.

    Home Keys:

    (Key Arrangements) Keys must be left to contractors for access to the property

    Fumigation Bags:

    Fumigation bags are provided by extermination company

    Outside Plants:

    Outside plants must be trimmed away from perimeter of structure and abutments (12” to 18”)

    Indoor Safes:

    Any indoor Safes must (bigger than a breadbox) must be opened.

    Gas: Confirm with Gas Company:

    Confirm gas turn-on with gas company. Phone number: 1-800-427-2200.   We arrange the gas shut-off with the gas company.


    • Termite Control:  Specialize in localized treatments offering environmental friendly products. Fumigations – wood repair and replacement experts.
    • Tenting / Fumigation: Tenting / Fumigation that is designed to get a 100% kill rate on the entire property, whether the infestation is accessible or inaccessible. Learn more about the termite tenting termite health risks.
    • Wood Repair Replacement: Our certified contractors are well versed in top quality repair.

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