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House Fumigation Tenting Cost

How much does it cost to fumigate a house

Full-house fumigation can be one of the more expensive methods of controlling pests because it requires a lot of time, equipment, and labor. It is however, the best in terms of kill rate. The average cost for this service determined by the cubic feet of a home including patio area, etc.  Note: A home of 2000 sq. feet for example can be completely different from another home of 2000 sq. feet with respect to cubic feet.  A high ceiling ads to the cubic feet.  When calling in, we will exaclty quote you the total cubic feet and the cost and we ensure all gas is used to kill the termites.

House Fumigation Tenting Cost

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Tent Fumigation Cost and what to consider!

How long should you stay out of the house after fumigation?

You will need to make arrangements to be away for at least 24 hours. However, some fumigation services require you to stay away for up to 72 hours to dissipate all chemicals. Only licensed fumigators should enter your property once the tent is up.

Besides having all your family out of the house, you will want all house plants removed as well, including any pets and fish tanks. Ask for a free inspection today by calling 1-888-838-3764.

What does fumigation kill?

Fumigating a house with an approved tent fumigation expert will ensure that the chemicals used will be strong enough to kill all pesky insects. The strength of termite fumigants, for example, Vikane, is used in fumigation and will affect the behavior of dry wood termites, bed bugs, and moths. The Vikane will reach cracks that local treatments cannot.

How long after fumigation is it safe for humans?

Once the fumigation process is completed, It takes around 8 hours to get back into your home after fumigation is finished. The time is due to allowing for the ventilation of the house. Now, during the tent fumigation process, it takes approximately 72 hours to complete the whole process. Experts advise against allowing vulnerable individuals or children to enter the house for more than 24 hours after the inspector has closed the door.

Do termite tents work?

Yes, termite tenting works! If you are looking for a total 100% kill rate, pest control services like Gentry & Associates can prepare your home to eliminate pests. Now, you hear about orange oil treatment, and it is effective, but whole structure fumigation is the way to go when buying a home!

What needs to be removed when tenting for termites?

All perishables, animals, clothing, electrical appliances, and other items must be removed before tenting for termites. Termite treatment is very effective when dealing with termites.

How long does a termite tent stay on?

This fumigation process can take from a few days to a week. Once a pest control specialist arrives, they will seal all doors and windows or close them with a nylon tent. The fumigant gas is then injected into the house. The time difference is due to the type of structure, such as a home or a commercial building.

Do you need to remove clothes for fumigation?

The termite fumigation process does not affect clothing or other fabrics, such as bedding, mattress, towels, furniture, toys, blankets, bedding, and mattresses. You are typically given special double bags that can be used to store any of these items. You don’t have to take them out.

Fumigating Drywood Termites and Tenting a Home

Drywood termites are not like subterranean termites. They live in their food source, “wood,” making soil treatments impossible. Structural fumigation is recommended for severe dry wood termite infestations that are widespread, difficult to find, or partially inaccessible. Termiticides can be injected directly into wood or locally treated with heat treatment in less severe infestations.

How does termite fumigation work? (Overview)

A trained pest management professional will set up a tent (tarps) over the home to release a fumigant. The fumigant will be circulated throughout the house, reaching cracks and crevices in the wood where termites can tunnel into and thrive. The fumigant will be inhaled by termites, which will reduce their oxygen levels, cause damage to their nervous systems, and ultimately lead to their death.

Once the expert has verified sufficient fumigant exposure in infested areas, the expert will remove the termite fumigation shelter. The fumigant will eventually disperse into the atmosphere once the tarps have been removed. After treatment, it usually takes six hours for the fumigant in a house to thoroughly aerate.

The entire fumigation process, from preparation to treatment and aeration, can take between 24 and 72 hours, depending on how large the house is. To ensure safety, the pest control specialist will inspect each room of the house with a sensitive fumigant clearance tool. This ensures that the fumigant has aerated and that occupants are safe to re-enter the home.

Although you must follow the instructions of an expert to prepare or remove items before fumigation, termite gasigants don’t leave any permanent residues on items in the home or household.

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Is Termite Fumigation Effective?

Fumigation can treat termites, but it is not an anti-termite treatment. Fumigation is a treatment that controls active drywood termite colonies, but it does not protect against future infestations.

Drywood termites are more challenging to control than subterranean. This is because there are more entry points for them. You and your pest professional can reduce the chance of an infestation by sealing all cracks and maintaining regular wood maintenance. A proactive program that includes regular upkeep and direct wood treatment is the best way to protect your home.

Are Termite Tenting & Fumigation Safe?

Fumigation of termites is a complex process that requires restricted-use pesticides. Only professionals can perform fumigations after passing certification tests and receiving extensive training. To ensure that your termite fumigation goes as smoothly as possible, a certified termite expert might use multiple pieces of equipment. Fumigiscopes are used to measure fumigant gas concentrations during treatment. To detect gas leakages, leak detectors can be used. A clearance device is used before pets, and people can return to the house. It checks for very low fumigant levels (1 part per million).

After complete treatment, fumigants don’t leave any residues in household items.

Ready for a free inspection? Gentry & Associates is known for its in-depth termite inspection process. Have your home inspected today and receive the correct treatment process today! Call 1-888-838-3764.

Can I fumigate my house myself?

Yes, fumigating a house can be done by yourself but with caution. You can easily fumigate with DIY fumigation tools that are easy to use, effective, and convenient. You will need to leave your home for at least a few hours, and you should take your pets along.

Now, if you see flying termites, termite droppings, and the like, doing it by yourself is not advisable as you will only prolong the inevitable infestation. You see, termite queens can live for tens of years. The termite colonies are deep within the structure, and severe infestations are only found through a termite inspection process. Here at Gentry & Associates, we offer a free inspection.

When choosing a Gentry Termite Inspector, we do a complete full inspection, and it is second-to-none.  Call and you will receive expertise on proper inspection. Inspection is where its at!  [Meet Brett Gentry | Owner Operator ]



Questions other Dana Point homeowners have asked Termite Fumigation:

how to prepare for termite tenting

Please watch the video below to help you understand the process.  Feel free to call to schedule an appointment!

Questions other Dana Point homeowners have asked Termite Fumigation:

How long does termite tenting last

Typically it will take three full days to kill all termites.  We will walk you through the process to ensure all safety steps are completed.  See your tent fumigation list.

To Kill 100% of Termites takes Termite Tenting!

As you may already know, Dana Point homes need a periodic termite inspection. Gentry & Associates specializes in termite control in Dana Point and surrounding cities. Feel free to look around to learn more about Termite Infestation prevention. Here at G&A, we are confident you will be well pleased with our courteous service. Fill out the form, and one of our courteous team members will call you to discuss setting up a free termite inspection. We look forward to assisting you!

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