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What You Should Know When Finding Termite dropping in your Orange County home.

The ultimate question you will ask, “how do I kill termites in my Orange County home?”

Termite dropping indicates you have an infestation in your home. The next question would be, “to what degree of infestation and the best option to the kill termites?”

The first thing to consider, having a termite inspection done by a experienced termite inspector is essential. After all, most termite exterminators will conduct a free inspection. Selecting a trusted exterminator will determine your best options. 

What You Should Know When Finding Termite dropping in your Orange County home.

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Differences between orange oil vs. Vikane?

If they are the same, one may think they might as well use an organic process. Yes, that is a viable option, but remember, the orange oil process hopes that the queen will be infected via the touch from a termite. The Vikane process expects the queen’s killing to happen via her eating the pesticide. 

So when you see drywood termite droppings, call an expert terminator from Gentry & Associates. Not only you’ll receive a free inspection, but a well-thought-out attack plan to kill the termites.

Termite Infestation? Seeing wood rot? Needing Tenting Fumigation Service?

If you have seen “ termite with wings, i.e., termite swarmer’s” and piles of tiny wood pellets in your closets, attic, window seals, etc., it may be time to protect your home and have a full termite inspection! 

Typically a home should be tented around every 7-10 years, depending on various scenarios especially on the quality of the local treatments. During the seven years to ten years, you would set up a yearly termite inspection, and this type of proactivity will save you tens of thousands of woodwork damage. 

Corona Del Mar and its surrounding cities are prone to termite infestation. Our recommendation is to call us at 1-888-838-3764 to set up a free inspection report. Don’t allow a $10k, $15k, $20k damage to occur. Keep your home termite-free by initially tenting the property and then adding the yearly inspection. 

Why Gentry & Associates Termite Control

Gentry & Associates specializes in termite control in Corona Del Mar and surrounding cities. Feel free to look around to learn more about Termite Infestation prevention. Here at G&A, we are confident you will be pleased with our courteous service. Fill out the contact form, and one of our courteous team members will call you to discuss setting up a free termite inspection.

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Drywood Termite droppings found in Orange County Home. What to do!

When you find the termite droppings, you most likely see the wood droppings in a closet, a window area, or perhaps in the attic. The only question now is, how many colonies have spread throughout your home.

While you read the options about managing subterranean termites or dry wood termites, keep in mind the last time your home had a full termite fumigation tent

Takeaway: If a home has not been tented for the last ten years AND the house has not had any termite inspections within that time, keep an open mind that a fumigation tent may be the only option to kill all colonies to 100%.

If you buy a home, it would be wise to push for complete tent fumigation. Why? Because even the best of termite inspectors may come short of finding all colonies. Many termite colonies will enter into inaccessible areas in the home where no one can reach. Therefore, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Keep a yearly inspection going.

Termite droppings are a clear sign of termite infestation. You may consider three options for an attack on the termites. They are the following:

Orange oil is an exemplary process of maintaining termites, but in our opinion, only after a full fumigation tent has been established. Why? Because only a full tenting can guarantee to kill the queen.

  • Vikane Pesticide Treatment:  Instead of using orange oil, wherein the orange oils have to rub against a termite exoskeleton to be effective, Vikane permeates the wood, and that food, i.e., wood, is carried to the queen. When she eats the infected wood, she dies and thus the colonies. Remember, it’s all about finding the queen or perhaps queens on the property.

The Vikane pesticide treatment process uses a liquid to be sprayed in and around termite-infested areas. That liquid is odorless and colorless. Due to the odorless factor, the termites will eat the permeated wood, unknowing that the wood will ultimately kill the queen.

  1. If you buy a home that has not been tented within the last three years and has had no yearly termite treatment program, opt for a full fumigation tent.  
  2. A Local spot treatment program can be considered a good idea if the home has had a full tent and yearly inspections.

Local spot treatments are considered the orange oil treatment (natural/organic) vs. the pesticide treatment, e.g., Vikane.

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