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Best Termite Company in Orange County

The Importance of a Good Termite Company

When you’re dealing with termites, you don’t just want any exterminator. You want the best termite company on the job. Why? Because the quality of service can mean the difference between a recurring issue and a one-time, effective solution.

Best Termite Company in Orange County

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What Makes a Termite Company the Best?

The best termite exterminator will offer comprehensive services – from inspection to treatment to follow-up. They’ll have a wealth of experience, use environmentally friendly methods, and offer warranties for their services. And above all, they will prioritize customer satisfaction. Sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it?

Why Gentry & Associates is the Best Termite Company

Our Experience and Expertise

With over 30 years of termite inspection experience, we’ve seen it all. Our owner-operator Brett Gentry brings unmatched expertise to every job. We’re a top termite company with a fully licensed (License No: PR7109) and insured team.

Our Customized Approach

We understand that no two termite infestations are alike. That’s why we provide customized treatment plans based on the severity of your infestation. We’re not just about getting rid of termites – we’re about giving you peace of mind.

Our Comprehensive Services

From reliable detection of termite colonies to residential termite extermination, we’ve got you covered. We offer construction & wood repair services, escrow inspections for Mortgage Loan Originators and Real Estate agents, and specialize in Orange oil treatment. Plus, we provide 1, 2, and 3-year warranties available for our services.

Our Commitment to Safety and Environment

We’re committed to being an environmentally responsible and safe company. We prioritize environmentally friendly treatment options and offer free homeowner residential inspections. We’re not just locally owned; we’re locally loved.

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So, what makes the best termite company? It’s a combination of experience, tailored services, a comprehensive approach, and a commitment to safety and environment. And that’s precisely what we at Gentry & Associates Termite Control offer. Give us a call today at 1-888-838-3764 and experience the best in termite control.


  1. What makes Gentry & Associates the best termite company? With over 30 years of experience, a customized approach to treatments, comprehensive services, and a commitment to safety and environment, we set the standard in termite control.
  2. What services does Gentry & Associates offer? We offer a wide range of services, including termite colony detection, residential termite extermination, construction & wood repair services , escrow inspections, and specialized Orange oil treatment.
  3. What kind of warranties does Gentry & Associates provide? We offer 1, 2, and 3-year warranties for our services, providing our customers with peace of mind.
  4. How does Gentry & Associates ensure safety and environmental responsibility? We prioritize environmentally friendly treatment options and adhere to safety regulations in all our operations. We’re fully licensed and insured, ensuring safety for our customers and their properties.
  5. How can I reach Gentry & Associates for a termite inspection? You can reach us at 1-888-838-3764 to schedule your free homeowner residential inspection. We’re always ready to help you with your termite problems.

Questions other  homeowners have asked Termite Fumigation:

how to prepare for termite tenting

Please watch the video below to help you understand the process.  Feel free to call to schedule an appointment!

Questions other  homeowners have asked Termite Fumigation:

How long does termite tenting last

Typically it will take three full days to kill all termites.  We will walk you through the process to ensure all safety steps are completed.  See your tent fumigation list.

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