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Aliso Viejo Termite Fumigation Tenting and Cost

If you found termite infestation, you need a termite inspection as this problem will only get worse and never better. You see, once the queen termite is somewhere in the home, she will continue to reproduce multiple colonies and can live 25 to 50 years depending. 

It is essential to maintain yearly termite inspections as you move forward, as inspections are typically 1/10th the cost when damage is allowed to occur.

When choosing a Gentry Termite Inspector, we do a complete full inspection, and it is second-to-none.  Call and you will receive expertise on proper inspection. Inspection is where its at!  [Meet Brett Gentry | Owner Operator ]

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Tent Fumigation

Aliso Viejo Termite inspection and fumigation

How to get rid of termites? 

There are various termite treatments like Orange Oil Treatment, localized treatment, and Tent Fumigation. If you are looking for 100% termite control, then tent fumigation is the only way to go. Why? 

Because when your home is fully tented with a fumigant, it will enter into every crevice in your house where a local treatment can never even reach. If you see termite damage and wood rot, it’s essential to take care of it immediately because termite’s colonies can do significant damage.

Fumigation Tenting

Gentry & Associates is known for our termite tenting procedures, and we ensure you and your family are well educated and safe throughout the fumigation process.  Learn about tenting termite health risks.

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Termite Tenting Cost

Regarding cost, the cost of tenting a house for termites is determined by the size of the home and its layout. Here at Gentry Termite, we are always competitive and ensure you get the right amount of fumigant to ensure all termites are killed. We will also discuss a 1, 2, and 3-year warranty option. 

Please note:  We also do tent fumigation for Manufactured / Mobile homes throughout Orange County.

Tentless termite treatment

You may have heard about Tentless termite treatment, also known as a localized treatment, and orange oil treatment. 

Just a quick note: If you are shooting for a 100% kill rate, then a complete fumigation tenting is the only way to go. If your home has had periodic treatments, we can go with Tentless termite treatment. Either way, you will receive prompt and courteous treatment.

Have you heard of the swarming season? Swarming season is when you see termites with wings. When you see flying termites and termite droppings, it’s essential to have a dry wood termite inspection completed. When we do a termite inspection, we will supply a termite report, and we’ll take pictures to show you what we find. This way, you are confident in the process we would recommend.

Termite control and prevention

Once your home is tenting, we will discuss with you the options of a 1, 2, and 3-year warranty.   It’ll be our pleasure to help you protect your home!

Termite Inspection

Need a Termite Inspection? Recieve a Free Inspection from the experts!

Did you find small termite droppings in your attic or closet? If you did, it's essential to find a termite inspector who has experience! Not all inspectors are the same!  Here at Gentry & Associates, we've been exterminating termites for over 30 years and found termites in the oddest of places.

We made some quick links for you to start your investigation into termite inspection and repair.

Tent Fumigation

Is Tent Fumigation  The Right Thing to do? Here is What to Know!

When you find not only droplets throughout the house but also termites with wings, it's essential to have a full inspection for house termites.  From your attic to your basement, it's vitally important to protect your home with a proper termite treatment. Get 2-3 quotes! We offer a free quote and our inspectors are top of the field. Learn more below:

Orange Oil

Orange Oil Versus Tent Fumigation. What is best?

Orange oil treatment for termites, an eco-friendly option, uses d-limonene to kill drywood termites on contact. It's safe for pets and humans and is often applied directly to infested wood. Effective for localized infestations.

Now, it may not completely eliminate larger, widespread colonies. On the other hand, tent fumigation treats vast infestations by releasing a gas that permeates the entire structure, exterminating all termites. Both methods have their uses; choose based on your infestation's size and preference for natural or chemical treatments. Learn more below:

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